Pricing guideline for a small removal company

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One or two people normally run a small van removal service. If you’re in the same boat, you may be wondering how you should price your services. If you’re starting with your removal service, pricing your service would be one of the main factors you cannot miss. It’s essential to have the right price that allows you to earn enough and make a profit from your small business. Below are some of our pricing guidelines that you can apply.

Petrol price

When setting up your price or quoting a customer, you may want to consider the petrol rates. Usually, petrol prices may fluctuate at different times. Ensure that you always calculate the petrol cost beforehand. If you’re looking to charge an affordable service, then you may want to look for a vehicle that is fuel efficient as this will help you save petrol cost in the long run.

Size and weight load

Your quote and pricing can also be based on the load and size of the items. For customers who have larger items, you may have to make a few trips. It’s essential to ask this question before quoting a customer.


Sometimes when the items are in transit, there’s a possibility that some items may get damaged. In an unlikely event that this happens, you will need to consider if your overall cost includes types of damages. You can offer this at an extra cost to cover any damage or wear and tear.

Most van removal owners would generally come up with a quote based on the requirements of the customer. Personalised quotes should be calculated based on the location, petrol, size and load of the items. You could also set a fixed price or come up with a pricing package that customers can choose from without having to ask for a quote.

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