Frequently Asked Questions About Removal Services

Since most of us don’t move into a new home on a regular basis, it can often feel like you’re starting from scratch each time, hunting down recommendations and trying to figure out which company is the best bet. Most of us aren’t even sure exactly what service we can expect when we hire a firm to handle moving our items for us. Here we answer some common questions based on what most professional moving companies really offer.

What do removal companies actually do?

You can expect professional movers to take reasonable steps to protect your floors, walls and items from any damage while they work. If necessary they will mark up your boxes based on the room they came from, but don’t expect them to start writing detailed records of what is in each box.

How fast do they work?

One person on their own cannot usually move large items of furniture and appliances safely, so expect a minimum of two people to complete the work. As a very rough guide, a team of two movers should be able to move 150-200 boxes in a full day’s work, so that would generally be enough for anyone. Typically the job would be done in a few hours, especially with a larger team.

How can I stop things getting broken?

A lot of the responsibility for getting your items from your current place to your new one will be on you, because you need to wrap and pack your items before they get collected. Your removal firm may advise you on how to do this for difficult items. When items are being handled, professionals will take every possible measure to keep them safe.

Will everything be organised by room?

This is generally the commonly accepted way for movers to pack up your things, as it makes it easier for you to unpack when you take one box to one room and place everything appropriately. However there may be some exceptions when boxes are not full, because transporting only partially-filled boxes is a waste of space and money plus it increases the risk of breakages.

How do they know what to pack?

The simple answer to this question is that, clearly, no professional movers can read minds. They will pack what they have been told to pack, so if you ask them to pack everything in a particular room, that’s what you can expect. So you don’t end up putting unwanted items, rubbish or essential items that you need to keep with you into the van accidentally, remove these beforehand if possible and get rid of them or set them aside.

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