Factors To Consider Before Hiring Movers

Professional man and van services or full-scale removal companies are usually a better option than trying to handle everything yourself. The overall cost is likely to be lower overall, despite initial appearances sometimes, because you won’t have to worry nearly as much about mistakes and accidents. The problem is that not all companies will work to the same standards and you can’t really be sure that you’re getting the best deal.

A major issue is that we don’t typically need the services of a removal company very often, so we can rarely go on personal experience. It’s likely that different options are available since you last moved, and you may well not remember who you used before. That’s why it’s important to start with the following steps.

1) Do your research

Because you’re going to be entrusting a company with your personal possessions at a crucial moment in your life, there is no substitute for good, thorough research about the reputation of local companies. You can start by talking to friends to get recommendations, find your own leads by any means, and then follow them all up online by checking for reviews and evidence of their past work.

2) Get an estimate

Instead of jumping into an agreement based on limited information or an advertised price, make sure you have a full, personalised quote for the job you need doing. This is the only way to avoid nasty surprises on your bill at the end of the job. Once you’re happy with your quote and all hidden costs have been identified, you should ask to get everything agreed in a contract so the company is bound to that cost unless you breach the terms.

3) Check and verify

Make sure you take your responsibility to yourself and your family seriously before getting everything fully confirmed. Check official registrations for your removal company so you can be sure everything is legitimate. Make sure they have appropriate insurance, and check if your own contents insurance covers your move (it almost certainly won’t, so the firm’s insurance is important). One last thing: when it comes to the day of the move, make sure you verify the staff are who they say they are and you’re not handing over all your worldly goods to a stranger in a van!

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