Choosing the right removal company in London

Moving houseThe capital city of the UK is a particularly competitive area when it comes to property. If you’re lucky enough to secure yourself a new home somewhere in the region, you’re highly likely to need a removal company to move your possessions from your old home to your new one. When choosing between the many specialists in house removals that London has to offer, use these tips as a guide to follow.

Plan in advance

It’s not going to be possible to find the best option on the day you need them if you leave it until the last minute to plan your moving day. You should certainly be looking weeks in advance to arrange the move with your preferred company.

Research your choices

Thoroughly look into every option you can find and see what people have said about the service they received. It should be easy to find online reviews for any company you’re seriously considering, and having no reviews could be a warning sign.

Get multiple quotes

Consider several companies before making any commitments. It’s not all about getting the lowest quote, but the best service for what you’re paying. The cheapest upfront quotes may be hiding additional fees for services you need.

Request a complete quote

An instant estimate can give you a good idea of cost, but the ideal company should provide a surveyor to visit your property and establish a fixed quote based on your exact requirements. If you can arrange this visit (which should be free), you’ll be more confident about the price you’ve agreed being honoured.

Arrange the best time

Prices for removal firms will vary at different times and days of the week. If it’s possible for you to arrange your move on a less busy day, this will probably save you money.

Get insurance

Although your removal company should certainly have insurance against breaking or damaging any of your items, they have an incentive not to pay up. You’ll be much better off if your home contents insurance can cover the move, or if you arrange a specific policy for it.

Moving is extremely stressful for many people, so the last thing you need is a problem with your chosen removal company. Hopefully, whether you’re moving in London or anywhere else, the above steps should help you approach the planning process with a clear head and get the job done efficiently.

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