Why Liverpool Could be the Best Place to Start a New Business in the UK



Liverpool, England, is possibly most well-known as the home of the very successful premier league football clubs, Liverpool FC and Everton FC. The city is located in the north west of England, in the metropolitan county of Merseyside. Although not a city with a very large population, estimated at 493,353 in 2018, however, when the surrounding areas are included, there is a population of over 2,24 million people (2011) and it is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom (UK).

Liverpool has a very rich history and heritage. In addition to being the home of the Beatles and other giants of the pop culture in the 1960’s, it has been a centre of trade, particularly through shipping, for many years. It is located on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary and grew as a major port fueled by the expansion of the city throughout the Industrial Revolution.

The port of Liverpool historically handled diverse cargo including raw materials such as coal and cotton, slaves transported in the Atlantic Slave Trade and in the nineteenth (19th) century, it was one of the major departure ports for both Irish and English persons emigrating
to North America.

Although the level of trade has decreased over the decades, in many ways Liverpool already has the bones for a very vibrant business environment and is working through organizations such as the Liverpool City Council to encourage and create incentives for the growth of businesses in Liverpool.

Why Start a Business In Liverpool?

If you talk to anyone in Liverpool, in particular members of the Liverpool City Council, they will give you many reasons why you should bring your business to Liverpool. What are these advantages? Why is Liverpool the best location for their business?


  1. The city of Liverpool is a two-hour train ride from London – using the Euston Station.
  2. The official airport of the city is the Liverpool John Lennon Airport which has many flights, cargo and commercial, to many destinations including several international ports. This central transportation point is located in very close proximity to the city.
  3. Liverpool is home to several business parks. These include:
  4. Liverpool Innovation
  5. Merseyworld; and
  6. Stonebridge Park

While the current stock of office space is deemed limited and smaller than the space available in other cities with which Liverpool may be competing to attract businesses, for example Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, there are immediate things being done to address this shortage. One innovative concept to address the issue of office space is that of the use of co-working offices.

Several such complexes have already been established and operational to meet the needs of new, small businesses. These include DoES Liverpool, Basecamp and Igloo. Additionally, there is the development and growth of Liverpool SUPERPORT creating opportunities which will make the Port of Liverpool into the shipping and logistics “hub” for the Northern United Kingdom and Ireland.

Labour Talent Pool

  • As the home to four (4) universities and a relatively high working age population educated to at least NVQ Level 4, Liverpool has a significant labour pool.
  • The average weekly earnings in Liverpool is below the national average.
  • For startups, the city also runs the Liverpool Youth contract which offer these new startups an apprenticeship subsidy.


There are funding opportunities and access to grants available particularly for science and technology firms. This should be explored to determine if you qualify.

Buying Commercial Property v Renting

In starting your new business, there are several major decisions to be made and factored into your business plan. One such is the consideration of the premises for your business. Which is your best option – do you buy or rent? If you’re looking for property to rent in Liverpool, there are a wide selection of low-cost business units and warehouses – many with negiotable terms. If you’re looking for property to buy, there will be more on offer but your budget may limit your choice, especially it you are small business or start-up.

In making this decision you must evaluate the pros and cons of each option.

To Rent?

  1. No large initial capital outlay.
  2. Major maintenance costs would be that of the landlord.
  3. Rental costs will periodically increase.
  4. If the business grows faster than anticipated, it is easier to quickly move to new premises.
  5. If the business doesn’t success it is easier to exit.
  6. The premises will always belong to the landlord and will never be an asset of the company.
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Autonomous Self-Delivering Vans To Hit UK Roads?

Given that the government has set a target to get self-driving cars on British roads within three years from now, it’s no surprise that we’re bigger and bolder steps being taken by investors and early adopters of the technology in an effort to corner the market first. One of the latest developments in this field is the promise of self-driving delivery vans, which could potentially be road ready in a matter of months.

The design was unveiled at the end of 2016 for the first time, and is currently moving from the prototype stage to larger scale production. The vans in question also offer something of a flat-pack design model, being easily assembled by one person in just four hours according to Charge, their manufacturer.

The company said they were looking for a sustainable solution since vans are unpopular and inefficient on the roads today. Since the majority of delivery vans still produce significant levels of CO2 emissions and can’t run on renewable energy sources such as electricity, the vans being produced by Charge already offer a major advantage due to being electrically powered.

However, the biggest factor here is clearly the self-driving function, and this is what generated the most interest when the trucks were premiered at Wired 2016 in London. Clearly it would be of great interest to businesses and consumers if deliveries were completely automated, removing the need for drivers to deliver parcels. It does raise the question of how exactly the packages would be offloaded and handed over to customers, however!

The software to make this possible has been developed in-house by Charge, although the plan is to launch the vans for commercial sale before adding the final version of the auto-driving software. Manual driving will still be an available option, which is currently essential since self-driving cars are not due to be legal on British roads until there is significant new legislation in place to handle the major shake-up.

In the meantime, several major vehicle manufacturers are planning to continue testing the technology. Volvo is due to conduct experiments with self-driving cars on the streets of London during this year. Other rivals are still working behind the scenes on incorporating the technology into commercially viable vehicles.

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The Benefits Of Same Day Courier Services

As a business, you are likely to come across situations where you need to get goods or other items moved from A to B. For most lines of work, this is pretty much unavoidable, at least occasionally.

However, the needs of different businesses will vary greatly, hence there is a wide range of options out there for transporting and delivering goods quickly. A cheap man and van service in London might be more than enough for a small company to fulfil their deliveries, while a larger firm may need a larger same day courier service with the capacity to deliver all over the UK or even abroad at a moment’s notice.

courierThese various options include some of the largest courier firms. In the UK, even Royal Mail has now joined the ranks of other privately owned firms like Fedex, DHL, Yodel and other well known brands. These big names may be appropriate whether you’re a small or large firm, but if you’re not sending the kinds of packages which can be safely handled by a postal service, you may need to look at alternatives.

Of course some companies have such high demand for these services that they are able to employ their own in-house delivery staff to offer their next day or same day courier services, including the likes of Amazon as well as smaller domestic retailers like Argos and even supermarkets. However, for many businesses, demand is not stable enough or other factors may act as barriers to hiring dedicated delivery employees.

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The benefits of using road freight

Road Freight

Well over half of goods sold in the UK are transported by road at some point in the process leading up to their sale. Every year, hundreds of millions of tons worth of items are hauled across the country by HGVs. There are plenty of alternative methods for moving goods around, so why is this method still by far the most popular? There are multiple advantages to using road freight over the other options on offer, including the following.

Saving on costs

It’s usually possible to load up vans or lorries with goods as soon as they’re produced, and whatever journey they take, the next time they leave the vehicle is when they’re being delivered to a retailer or a customer. Without having to transfer packages from one transport to another during the process (like when travelling by rail or by air), costs are kept to a minimum. This is especially true for local and regional deliveries.

Maximum convenience

Having the luxury of ordering (usually online) and having goods delivered right to their own home is a huge benefit for most consumers. Road freight is a door-to-door solution that can be planned and scheduled relatively easily, meaning practically all home delivery services use this method.

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What is freight shipping?

Freight shipping services are important shipping services provided by various transportation companies. These services are very essential today because people keep moving from one place to another due to several reasons like employment etc. in moving from one place to another, there is a need to transport goods from old house to new house. Along with this, there are many other services like cargo freight shipping services for business purposes. Let us take a look at these services in some detail.


What is freight shipping? Freight shipping services are becoming more and more popular these days as the population of world is on a steady increase. There are different freight service providers in world who provide services to people based on different conditions. Their services are of different types, namely local freight services, national freight services and international freight services. All these three different kinds of services employ different types of transportation modes. Local freight shipping can be carried out with the help of small vehicles like cars, jeep etc, but for national freight shipping services, large vehicles like Lorries and goods train are required. International shipping needs ships or airplane services.

shipping-1057110_640There are less container load, full container load and non- container loading facilities for different variety of freight shipping services. Less container load facility is available for small materials. Ship owners play an active role in freight shipping and they even sell space available in their ship to others at a rate. This is because as they transport only small goods, they are left with lot of space in their ships. In this process, they contact brokers and get their job done by brokers by paying a prescribed commission to them.

This avoids wasting space in ship when there are not enough goods to transport at a time.

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