The benefits of using road freight

Road Freight

Well over half of goods sold in the UK are transported by road at some point in the process leading up to their sale. Every year, hundreds of millions of tons worth of items are hauled across the country by HGVs. There are plenty of alternative methods for moving goods around, so why is this method still by far the most popular? There are multiple advantages to using road freight over the other options on offer, including the following.

Saving on costs

It’s usually possible to load up vans or lorries with goods as soon as they’re produced, and whatever journey they take, the next time they leave the vehicle is when they’re being delivered to a retailer or a customer. Without having to transfer packages from one transport to another during the process (like when travelling by rail or by air), costs are kept to a minimum. This is especially true for local and regional deliveries.

Maximum convenience

Having the luxury of ordering (usually online) and having goods delivered right to their own home is a huge benefit for most consumers. Road freight is a door-to-door solution that can be planned and scheduled relatively easily, meaning practically all home delivery services use this method.

Speed of services

To ensure there are no long periods of waiting in distribution centres and warehouses for the next form of transport to be ready, road haulage is really the only way forward. Many goods need to be transported within hours, such as fresh food, flowers and other perishable items. The only guaranteed way of getting these to their destination on time is usually by road.

Tracking progress

An important aspect of delivery services with today’s technology is the ability to track delivery progress in real time. Transporting goods by road is the only practical way of doing this, as a single driver is responsible for the goods and able to send regular updates, including live location information and realistic estimates for arrival times.

Adjusting to requirements

Road haulage is probably the most flexible option for transporting goods, as it’s possible to update drivers with last minute changes and improvise if problems occurs. The exact route taken, stops on the way and the final destination can be adapted as required, even if traffic and delays cause a problem.

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