Questions to ask when choosing a self-storage service

self storage space

Self-storage is becoming widely used for storage solutions. It’s ideal for anyone moving home or simply looking to create more space in their offices or home. What’s great about the self-storage is they are generally accessible 24 hours for customers. However, each company’s terms and services may vary. Before hiring a self-storage space, you may want to ask the following questions to ensure you pick the right company suited for your needs.

What security do you have installed?

Find out the level of security in place. There have been a few reports regarding thefts from existing customers who have access to the building and have broken through the padlocks of other storerooms. The right company should be equipped with security cameras, cylinder locks and a security guard to prevent burglars and thefts.

What items do you accept?

Companies will have different rules on what can and can’t be stored. Before signing up, it’s important to ask what items they will accept and what items are unacceptable. Generally, most companies allow items like furniture, clothing, office equipment, automobiles, electrics and many others.

What sizes of units do you have available?

Units will come in different size and pricing. Find out the size of units they have available and compare the prices. To find out how much space you need, you can put everything into boxes to get an idea of the size you need.

What contract do you have?

Another critical factor is to find out about their contracts. Most self-storage contracts will require you to put an upfront deposit. Deposits are usually returned after the end of the contract as long as space has been maintained without damages. Depending on how long you’re looking to use the storage space, you may request for short-term or long-term contracts. If you’re only looking to hire the space for a few weeks, you may want to go for monthly rolling contracts.

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